We work to solve the whole puzzle.

Our Approach

We believe the best financial life outcomes are achieved with a hands-on partner who can offer a fully cohesive strategy and seamless execution.  That’s why in an industry built on selling individual financial products, we advocate for a complete care solution instead.  We offer flexibly-priced comprehensive packages that include six services to help build your fullest financial life.

Both comprehensive packages packages include all six services described below:

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I. Career Planning

Career Planning is focused on a large and often underserved asset, your future earnings power.  It includes:

II. Financial Planning

Financial planning is the heart of our offering.  It connects all of our wealth development activities and includes:

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III. Investment Management

With complete visibility of your financial life, we are well positioned to help maximize your total return.  We use tax advantaged strategies and an investment philosophy based on Nobel Prize winning research, this includes:

IV. Tax Prep and Planning

Income taxes are likely your single largest lifetime expense.  Most think about taxes once per year, we optimize them all year long.  Our approach gives us access to all the dials and levels needed to save you the most.  It includes:

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V. Risk Mitigation

Maximizing the upside requires managing the downside.  Our detailed understanding of your financial life allows us to provide peace of mind that your assets, your income streams, and the loved ones they support, are properly protected.  Our focus areas are:

VI. Impact Amplification

Impact connects money with meaning.  Our goal based planning strategy fortifies the connection and our amplification approach helps keep Uncle Sam out of the way.  It includes:

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Comprehensive Packages

We offer two comprehensive packages, both include all six services described above.  Our Initiate Wealth package has no asset minimum and is ideal for those early in their wealth accumulation phase.  Our Accelerate Wealth package is designed for those who are further along and provides an enhanced service offering and customized capabilities that scale with your needs.  Both packages require a one-time $999 onboarding fee that covers the creation of your initial comprehensive financial plan.  

I. Initiate Wealth

(No Asset Minimum)
$ 5k Annual fee billed monthly
($416 per month)1
  • Financial Planning Portal that dynamically links to your external financial accounts.
  • Comprehensive Financial Plan to connect your current financial position to your broader life goals.
  • Quarterly Advisor Meetings to keep you on track and up to date.
  • Integrated Tax Planning and Preparation to save you all we can.
  • Proactive and Unlimited Guidance on all financial matters, as they arise.

II. Accelerate Wealth

($500K Asset Minimum)
1% Of annual assets under management1
(Discounted tiers starting at $2M)
  • All Initiate Wealth services, plus added features below:
  • Advanced Portfolio Offerings including option income and hedging strategies.
  • Enhanced Service Level including in-person meetings and dedicated business hours.
  • Extended Horizon tax planning and multigenerational estate planning.
  • Direct Collaboration with third-party professionals (e.g. attorneys/underwriters), as needed.

Standalone Projects

While we are strong proponents of the comprehensive approach, the services included in our comprehensive packages are also available individually as standalone projects.  Standalone projects are billed at a rate of $250 per hour or for an agreed-upon flat fee.   Examples include:

Tax Preparation

Income Tax Preparation + Filing
$ 499 (and up, depending on complexity)
  • Preparation and Filing of your Federal and State tax returns. (eFile included).
  • Customized Coversheet and savings focused walkthrough of your return.
  • Secure Cloud-based Vault to safely store documents.
  • Eligible for Midyear Tax Projection to prepare for the year ahead (additional fee required).

Options Optimizer

Employee Equity Strategy + Tax Planning
$ 749 (and up, depending on complexity)
  • Simplified Single-Page View of grants, vesting dates, and payoffs.
  • Payoff Simulations to demonstrate risk and return scenarios.
  • Customized Tax Projections and review of key tax issues, including AMT implications.
  • Actionable Strategy Recommendation for sales, exercises, and holding periods.

Comprehensive Plan

Tools, Advice, and Written Financial Plan
$ 2499 (and up, depending on complexity)
  • Financial Planning Portal that dynamically links to your accounts.
  • Complete Financial Plan including goal development and outcome stress testing.
  • Comprehensive Strategies for investment allocation, liquidity and debt management, education savings, and tax planning.
  • Risk Assessment to evaluate insurance and estate planning needs.