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To help our clients build their fullest financial lives.


To elevate the role of financial advisor and broaden access to sophisticated, hands-on financial care.


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We are a remote-first firm, primarily serving clients virtually.  Have a question about our services or want to know more about how we can help you?  Drop us a line, shoot us an email, or put 15 minutes on the calendar.

Frequently Asked Questions


No.  We strive to be inclusive, but we also want to make sure that we’re the best advisor for you.  Our core focus is mid-career individuals and families.  If your financial needs fall outside of our current areas of expertise, we’ll gladly refer you to another like-minded advisor in our network (there are over 1,000 of us!).

Yes.  We’ll always act in your best interest.  We get paid by you and only you.

No.  Both our intro call and goal development sessions are free.  We like to give clients an idea of what it’s like to work together before requiring any commitment. 

No.  Our comprehensive packages are flexibly priced and the “Initiate Wealth” package has no asset minimum.

We plan to formalize a program.  For now, if you need help and can’t afford our services, please contact us.  We’d like the opportunity to help.

We are a remote-first firm based in Santa Cruz, CA.


Our custodian partners are TD Ameritrade and Charles Schwab.  We’ll help you establish an account with the best suited custodian.

The biggest limitations are that we can’t sell insurance or practice law.  This means we’ll refer you to other professionals for insurance policy purchases, drafting legal documents (such as wills and trusts), and for certain tax needs.  Also be aware that you’ll be responsible for the standard trading and account fees with your investment custodian (these are typically small).

Our comprehensive plans have extremely flexible terms.  We bill in arrears and you can cancel anytime.  One exception is the upfront planning fee which is non-refundable to the extent that the work has been performed. 

Absolutely, we design customized portfolios tailored to both your financial needs and any social responsible investing requirements.  

No.  Our comprehensive plans are flexibly priced and the “Incubate Wealth” package has no asset minimum.

The Accelerate Wealth fee is calculated by assessing the percentage rates using the predefined levels of managed assets as shown below, on an incremental basis.  For example, the fee on $3M of assets would be 1% of the first $2M and .75% on the remaining $1M.

$0 to $2M: 1.0%

$2M to $5M: 0.75%

$5M to $10M: 0.5%

$10M+: 0.25%