Accelerate independence.

Amplify impact.​

We broaden access to sophisticated, comprehensive financial care.

How We Help

We like to make complicated things easy.  We manage your entire financial life for one accessible fee.  With no room for dropped batons or duplicative costs, our integrated approach is designed to deliver outsized results and a client experience you’ll love.  Proactive, hands-on, and deeply engaged with your goals, we’re here to help build your fullest financial life.

Our Comprehensive Approach
Our services are offered together in Comprehensive Packages.
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Our comprehensive approach includes career mapping and annual compensation reviews to help support your future earnings power.

 Our Careers Approach
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We pair tailored financial plans with quarterly advisor meetings and unlimited proactive advice. We’re with you at every turn.

Our Planning Approach
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We build and maintain low-cost, diversified, and tax-efficient portfolios. They’ll adapt to your risk tolerance and life needs.

Our Investment Approach
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We unlock value with deeply integrated tax planning.  We prepare your annual returns and manage tax reduction strategies all year long.

Our Tax Approach
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We help quantify risk and make sure that your income streams and assets are properly diversified, insured, and tax-protected.

Our Risk Approach
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With tax-focused estate and philanthropic planning, we help connect money with meaning and transform wealth into impact.

Our Impact Approach

Onboarding Process

New clients complete a five meeting financial planning sequence, then transition to the ongoing client quarterly meeting cadence.  The first two meetings are free.

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A casual zoom call for introductions and a service overview.

Meeting Agenda

45 Mins

I. Meet and Greet
II. Service Overview
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Refine your goals and preview what its like working together.

Meeting Agenda

60 Mins

I. Goal Exercise
II. Capabilities Review
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Platform walkthrough and develop Phase I action items.

Meeting Agenda

60 Mins

I. Sign Agreement
II. Platform Walkthrough
III. Phase I Action Items
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Review draft financial plan and develop Phase II action items.

Meeting Agenda

60 Mins

I. Preview Financial Plan
II. Action Item Follow-up
III. Phase II Action Items
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Finalize plan and transition to quarterly meeting cadence.

Meeting Agenda

60 Mins

I. Review Financial Plan
II. Action Item Follow-up
III. Service Calendar

Meet Mike

Mike wunsch headshot

Mike Wunsch, CPA


Background Snapshot
  • Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
  • Registered Investment Advisor*
  • UCLA Grad (Summa Cum Laude)
  • Former Big4 and Tech BizOps

I thought I had found my dream job at age 21. I landed an internship with a firm that had a small practice managing the financial lives of high net worth celebrities. The firm provided their clients fully comprehensive financial management – taxes, investments, contract negotiations, philanthropic plans.  The movie star part was definitely cool, but so was all the complex strategy!  The only problem? The department I longed to join didn’t hire college kids.

The disappointment proved temporary and I went on to get my CPA license.  I had a vague notion of opening my own firm, one day.  The idea started to take shape right around the time I stopped thinking about it.  I was working for a tech start-up that was preparing to go public.  My finances became complicated and I was drowning at work. I asked my CPA friends for tax preparer recommendations.  In complete absence of enthusiastic replies, I could start to hear the opportunity knock.      

  As an intern, I saw firsthand how the financial industry tends to provide the best financial care to the people who arguably need it the least.  I started WealthDevs to help broaden access to sophisticated financial care and serve an audience who could more meaningfully benefit.  Ultimately, I believe a hands-on comprehensive approach is the key to unlocking your best financial life outcome (and a client experience worth getting excited about).  While far from the norm today, the landscape is changing and I hope you will join me in pushing the industry forward.

WealthDevs Guides

We strive to maximize helpfulness and publish a series of guides, for free.

Crypto Taxes 101
83b Elections
Preparing to Go Public
Employee Equity Handbook